About Us

The Llewellyn family is composed of 6 members. Jeff, Tiffany, Nakiya, Jada, Alyssa and Bridger. Jeff and Tiffany grew up in Western Montana. Jeff is originally from Corvallis and Tiffany from Missoula. It wasn’t until their oldest two daughters started competing in rodeo that the Llewellyn family grew to understand why it is the greatest sport on earth. It is truly a sport the whole family can be involved in at any age and can do together forever. Nakiya and Jada’s love for rodeo drew their younger siblings the same way they do. They have passed on the knowledge they have learned to their sister Alyssa and brother Bridger. As a rodeo family, they have decided to give back to the sport they love. That is how Rodeo Inc. came to life. Rodeo Inc. is a company which is dedicated to the cowboy and cowgirl. A company has started a rodeo revolution. Rodeo Inc. is a platform for all rodeo cowboys and cowgirls to help with travel and entries. Rodeo Inc. has also developed a top quality product line where a portion of the proceeds go directly back to the cowboys and cowgirls.

Rodeo, Inc.’s “mission” is to become a premiere funding source for rodeo contestants.

A Rodeo, Inc.’s membership fee is $49.99 a month.  Membership benefits include a token gifts for becoming a member and a 10% discount on all website purchases.  Members will be able to designate a rodeo contestant to receive the proceeds from a members’ enrollment/participation in Rodeo Inc.  If a member does not designate a specific rodeo contestant to receive their membership proceeds, Rodeo, Inc.’s Board will select the rodeo contestant(s) recipient(s).  Members will not receive a profit for becoming a member.

Membership:  $49.99 ($599.88 per year)

Use of Membership Proceeds:

(60%) goes to a rodeo contestants

(10%)  goes to token membership gifts

(30%) goes to manufacture & design products, research, and development, administration of company and marketing, as well as, office staff and management.